• Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 208л

Medium ash gas engine oil.


• Gas engine oil for application with natural gas, operating at mild to severe conditions.

• Q8 Mahler G5 was specifically developed with a low deposit tendency and a high resistance against pre-ignition or knocking.

• Q8 Mahler G5 is specifically designed for high pressure gas engines (BMEP: 22 Bar or above), but is also suitable for gas engines with a

lower BMEP.

• Q8 Mahler G5 can also be used to lubricate reciprocating compressors in which natural gas is compressed and pressures do not exceed

10.000 kPa. Using Q8 Mahler G5 in both the gas engine and the gas compressor will simplify the lubricant inventory.


• Officially approved by:

• GE Jenbacher 2, 3, 4 (type B) and 6 (type C + E) series operating on fuel class B (biogas) and C (landfill gas)

• GE Jenbacher 4 (type B) & 6 (type C + E) series operating on fuel class A (natural gas) and B (biogas)

• GE Jenbacher 6 (type F and up) series operating on fuel class A (natural gas)

• GE Jenbacher operating with catalyst

• Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, CG132, CG170 and CG260 engines operating on all gas types

• Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (prev. MWM GmbH), all MWM gas engines operating on all gas types.

• Deutz AG, 913, 914 and 2015 series engines

• Exceeds the requirements of a wide range of equipment manufacturers and is recommended for use in:

• GE Waukesha, GE Jenbacher, Caterpillar Energy Solutions (CAT and MWM engines), Deutz, Guascor Power, MAN Truck & Bus, MTU

Onsite Energy, Wärtsilä, Perkins, Liebherr, 2G and Cummins

Packing 208 liter
Engine type LPG
Purpose Engine oil
Manufacturer Belgium
Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 88cm
Weight: 208.00kg

Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 208л

  • Brand: Q8
  • EAN: 5016127156068
  • Product Code: mahg5-b208
  • Availability: text_inorder
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