Q8Oils is committed to developing products for the renewable energy sector. Our portfolio covers the following applications: 


  • Wind turbines Learn about our extensive range of gear oils for windturbines. 
  • Gas engines Increase your gas engine’s productivity andreliability. 
  • Marine Discover how our Marine range can help you out

Gas Engines

There is an increasing number of high efficiency engines on the market. Gas engines in particular are subjected to extreme operating conditions, especially around the combustion chamber. This results insignificant technical challenges for lubricant manufacturers, particularly in terms of oxidation control and deposit control with outstanding Total Base Number (TBN) retention.

Q8 Mahler is a range of high quality lubricants for engines using all types of gas, including natural gas (bio, landfill, sewage and other highly polluted gases) and automotive gas engines.

These oils offer outstanding benefits:

  • high oxidation and nitration resistance for long service life
  • low ash deposit tendency and good resistance against pre-ignition
  • excellent anti wear properties to protect the engine against valve seat recession
  • high acid neutralising capacities as a result of high TBN retention

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