• Q8 Formula Exclusive Eco 5W-20 1л

Fuel Economy Improving Ultra High Performance Low Viscosity SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Engine Oil for latest generation Ford Ecoboost Euro 5 engines.

  • ACEA C5
  • API SN
  • Ford WSS-M2C 948-B
  • STJLR.03.5004

SAE viscosity 5W-20
Packing 1 liter
ACEA classification A1, C5, B1
API classification SN
Engine type Gasoline, LPG
Lubricant base type Synthetic
OEM approved Ford
Purpose Engine oil
Category Cars
Manufacturer Belgium
Dimensions: 4 x 20 x 23cm
Weight: 1.00kg

Q8 Formula Exclusive Eco 5W-20 1л

  • Brand: Q8
  • EAN: 5411035290765
  • Product Code: eco-b1
  • Availability: Stock clear
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